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Farm Activities

Here are some of the fun activities around the Farm.



There are several trails through the woods that you are welcome to hike.

Search for Arrowheads


The Tonkawa Indians lived in the Caldwell area.  We and previous owners have found numerous arrowheads on the Farm, including the one pictured, which was found near the Cabin.

Star Gazing


The skies are very dark on the Farm without ambient light, so one is able to see many more stars, planets, meteors, satellites and the space station than one can in an urban environment.  A telescope is available in the Cabin.  Download the Sky Guide app to assist in your search of the nighttime sky.

Meet the Animals


We currently have cows, chickens, ducks and cats on the Farm.  You are welcome to get up close and personal with any of our animals (at your own risk).  Feel free to enter the chicken coop to interact with the chickens and collect some eggs for breakfast!



You are likely to see a lot of wildlife on the Farm, including birds, deer, rabbits, racoons, opossums, armadillos, turtles and wild hogs.



There is a playground for kids or grandkids, complete with a trampoline (with water in the summertime), slides, swings, a fireman's pole, a rock climbing wall and a playhouse.


Zip Line.jpg

Have fun on a 200 foot zipline flying between oak trees, located behind the Cabin.



You are welcome to pick any fruits and vegetables around the home where you are staying.  Time permitting, we would be glad to give you a tour of the various gardens on the Farm.

Watch Sunsets


Some of the best sunsets can be seen from the Farm, with great views to the West.



We have a small quarter acre pond with some fish if you want to try your hand.


BBVA Color.jpg

We have an online-only vintage and antique shop called Bonny Bird Vintage & Antiques where you can find some unique and interesting items. Best of all, you would not have to pay for shipping!

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