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About Us

Like for many, COVID changed our lives. The change showed us our daily activities whittled down to their simplest form, and we started spending more time together as a family. This was a positive change that we needed more than we knew. We still had the stresses that come with running businesses in the midst of COVID (even more stress in a lot of ways), but our family life simplified and became a firm foundation. The guilt that we used to feel so often working long hours and being away from the kids was gone.


In the fall of 2020, we made the move to 30 acres with a small house on a hill with 3 cows that we knew nothing about. When we would vacation, we would always search for "a view." We wanted the place that we called home to have a view we never wanted to leave. We are blessed to call this place home. We have transformed it into our Farm on a Hill where we have built our dream home having an incredible sunset view.  The land is slowly transforming as we use permaculture principles. We are life-long learners and hope to give back by sharing our experiences and welcoming you to our Farm.

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